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David Ross:


David Ross has been helping individuals and organizations become more healthy and productive for 20 years. Since obtaining his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1988 he has maintained a steady practice of clinical and consulting services. He also teaches organizational psychology, business development and creativity at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.

David's specialty is equipping leadership teams to have honest conversations about the dynamics that undermine productivity and morale. He is especially focused on guiding teams to use their inevitable conflicts to make smarter decisions. The foundation of his work is helping people to embrace challenge and risk for personal and professional growth.

In his off time he is either attending one of his children's sporting events or on his mountain bike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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Nancy Ortberg:


Nancy Ortberg has over twenty-two years experience in sales, service and the healthcare industry, including eighteen years in leadership roles. She has in addition, led a staff team in the recruitment and mobilization of thousands of volunteers as well as spoken internationally and domestically on topics of leadership and the creation of corporate culture.

In the first half of her career, Nancy worked in hospital and healthcare administration, providing leadership and team development in large medical organizations. From 1991-2003 she held leadership positions in sales and marketing and did extensive work with non-profit organizations.

Nancy is passionate about improving personal and organizational effectiveness and believes that teams are the most dynamic way to produce those results. She believes in helping people bring the best of who they are to what they do best. Her particular interests are in analyzing and catalyzing the flow of energy and strategy in healthy, dynamic leadership teams.

In her off time, you will find her hiking, roller blading, or horseback riding with her husband John.


Kent Bechler:


Dr. Kent Bechler was born in Saginaw Michigan; raised in South Central Los Angeles; and traveled extensively throughout South America, New Zealand, Australia and Mainland China. Kent received a B.A. from Azusa Pacific University, an M.A. from California State University - Los Angeles and his Ph.D. from The Claremont Graduate School.

Kent is currently the superintendent of the Corona-Norco Unified School District (52,000 student, 10th largest school district in California). Prior to CNUSD Kent also served as district superintendent of the Duarte and Walnut Valley Unified School Districts.

Kent has extensive training is management, leadership, systems, policies and procedures, strategic planning, labor relations, and developing collaboration and teamwork within organizations. He is well known for developing trusting relationships, team building and resolving organizational conflict.

Kent resides in Upland with his wife Karen. Together they have three children.


Rick Blackmon:


Rick Blackmon has been involved as an agent of change for over 20 years. After earning a doctorate in clinical psychology he co-founded Pacific Psychological Resources, a team of psychologists specializing in clinical and consulting psychology.

For 22 years he has maintained a psychotherapy and coaching practice working with individuals, marriages, and small businesses. During this time he became interested in how organizations grow when they emphasize systemic health. This led to numerous consultations with leadership teams addressing organizational dysfunction. He has especially focused on non-profit organizations and has recently begun working with for profit teams.

Rick is also a motivational speaker in the areas of leadership development.

In his off time Rick enjoys mountain biking, cooking and hiking with his wife Sherri.